Specialty Insurance Services

Properties Investors & Managers:

  • Do you own several residential or commercial properties?
  • Do you own both residential and commercial properties?
  • Are any of the properties being renovated or any new buildings under construction?

Keeping up with multiple locations and the insurance policies can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. If you have ever wondered if there was a simpler way to insure your many risks then you are right!

A blanket policy offers an investor the ability to protect and insure multiple locations versus attempting to keep up with many individual insurance policies. Locations can be added to the blanket policy from the date of purchase and removed once the property is sold. Properties being built, renovated or tenant occupied can remain on this one single master policy which allows for a simplistic way to keep up with the risk and provide you, the investor a very time saving, and economical way to manage multiple properties.


The sinkhole is a common insurance risk and a harsh reality to our otherwise beautiful Sunshine State.

Millions of dollars each year are paid out in sinkhole claims. While property insurance with sinkhole coverage can repair the damage, what happens if you are canceled later on?

The good news is that we can help!

Regardless of your particular situation, Florida West Insurance can secure coverage for a property for other possible perils during or after a sinkhole claim.

Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy is additional liability coverage that increases the limits of the underlying liability limits. It is NOT the same as a blanket policy that provides property coverage.

A home, auto and business policy each have a liability coverage limit. An umbrella is an excess coverage over and above those individual limits. For example, you cause a car accident that severely hurts others or even causes loss of life. Your auto liability policy offers $250,000 per person/$500,000 per accident but you are being sued for $1,000,000.

The auto policy will pay the policy limit of $250,000 per person the umbrella will pay the additional $750,000 for the total of $1,000,000. As you can see an umbrella policy prevented you from owing the additional $750,000 out of pocket and kept you from filing bankruptcy.

A commercial umbrella works in a similar way for your business.

What happens if a client slips and falls in your place of business?

What happens if an employee is injured or killed and now wants to sue you?

There are many things that can go wrong and cost you a large payout and possibly losing your business if you are found negligent. A simple general liability policy will not provide the financial peace of mind that a commercial umbrella can offer.

Other Specialty Insurance we offer

  • High-value Home Insurance
  • Luxury and Classic Auto Insurance
  • Article’s Floater Insurance (jewelry and Collectibles)
  • Dog Bite Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Professional Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Contractors Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Vacant and Builders Risk Insurance



There are many times in business that a bond maybe required. One type of bond is called Surety Bond which auctioneers, car dealerships or janitorial services are required to have due to State licensing rules and regulations.

Surety bonds provide financial guarantees that contracts and other business deals will be completed according to mutual terms. Surety bonds protect consumers and government entities from fraud and malpractice. When a principal breaks a bond’s terms, the harmed party can make a claim on the bond to recover losses.

We offer many different types of bonds, so please call us to help you with getting the proper bond for your business. 

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