Builder Risk

Are you looking for a more customized look to your home or having a custom home built just for you?
A Builders risk policy sometimes referred to as a course of construction insurance covers a contractors property, material, equipment relating to a building or project under construction

Typically a general contractor would be required to carry this insurance, however, some lenders will require the person having the home built to carry the builder’s risk insurance since the funds for the loan will need to be covered in the event of a loss during the course of construction.

3 or 6 Month Vacant Home

Typically, home insurance will not provide coverage if the home is left vacant for over 30 days. Homes for sale or homes purchased by investors for the purpose of small renovations or improvements in order to sell or lease the home is when a short term 3- or 6-month vacant home policy would be the best fit. Usually, these type policies are excess and surplus lines and fully earned, however the advantage of purchasing the 6-month policy versus the 3 month is you have more time to complete the renovations in the event we have one of our famous Florida weather events and the 6-month policy does offer a refund for unearned premium.



Tenant Occupied

Dwelling insurance is used for landlords to insure the property the tenant will occupy. There are different levels of dwelling coverages including:

Dp- This is the most basic type of dwelling policy. It is a policy that provides cash value reimbursement for named risks and events. This type is extremely limited and should only be used if you have no choice or if you have the ability and able to financially accept that large of a catastrophic loss.

Dp- This policy provides a policy that is replacement cost and not does limit to named perils. It is covered unless specifically stated that it is not covered.


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