Business Insurance Services

Did you know that small business creates the majority of new jobs every year in the United States?

Most people think of General Liability as to the end-all of coverage necessary for a small business, but there is so much more at risk than just the ‘slip and fall protection.

Think of General Liability as your foundation policy. it covers you for incidents that happen to third parties, meaning people who are not employed by your business.

What about the contents of your business? What tools do you use to do your job and what would happen if those tools were stolen, damaged, or broke down? Can you imagine the disaster it would be for the Tampa Bay Times if the equipment was broke down and he could not print the Sunday paper? How about a framer who lost his tools and can’t go to work on the home he is under contract to build, or a landscaping company whose truck is broke down and can’t get to his job sites?

Could you survive if your business was closed down due to a disaster until the repairs were made? What are you and your employees going to do for a paycheck during the rebuilding process?

All of these are examples of some bad things that can happen, but the proper insurance protection, it will not put an end to your business and financially break what you have worked so hard to build.

Here are a few questions that can help us in determining what we need to do to properly insure your type of business.

  1. Do you have employees?
  2. Do you own an office or rent space?
  3. Do you take Credit Cards?
  4. Do you ever have your employees drive their vehicle for work?
  5. Do you have a lot of cash In the bank?
  6. Do you have a vehicle or several vehicles that have company signage or a wrap advertising the business and it’s services?
  7. Do you work from your home?
  8. Are you a nonprofit ?

We understand that your business is more than just a way to make money. It is what you have put your heart and soul into over the years to build a life for your family . It could also be a living legacy that continues on by being passed down to your children , and even grandchildren.

It would be our pleasure to be here from the very beginning and continue with you as you continue to grow.


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