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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance Explained:

Whole Life is a bit more expensive than Term life but the policy stays in effect until your death, assuming again the premiums have been paid  to keep the policy in force.

Whole life also offers a cash reserve build up over the years , but you do not really have any control over how the money is invested.

Example: Jerry pays for a $250,0000  whole life insurance policy. Some of the money you put into the whole life policy will go into a savings program, which then earns interest or is put towards other investments.  In the end the end a whole life policy will provide a larger benefit than a term policy and the policy does not expire after a certain number of years.

There are a few variations of Whole Life insurance as well  so it is important that we sit down and discuss what is in your best interest . Please call our office for a more detailed explanation of the differences in these types of whole life insurance and how they can be used to your benefit. 813-886-4446